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Apples and Pears at Galley Hill Farm

Come and taste British apples in season!

katysBramleys, Fiesta, Falstaff, James Grieve, Jonogold Red, Katy, Russet Meridian, Sunset and Pears

Katy – a sweet early eating apple, similar to Discovery. Doesn’t store for winter but cooks well. Best enjoyed from early September to October

Sunset - a small apple similar in taste to a Cox. Stores for 3-4mths. Taste and flavour develop with keeping. Ready from mid September

James Grieve - a older variety which is often used as a parent for some of the newer varieties. Crunchy and tangy but bruises quite easily so needs picking with care. Ready mid September

Meridian - a cross between a Falstaff and a Cox. A juicy, crunchy apple ready from mid September

Fiesta-Cox crossed with Idared to produce a sweet cox style apple. This is a good keeper lasting, in the right conditions, until Feb/March.

Jonogold - Jonathan crossed with Golden Delicious which produces a large apple with a sweet/sharp flavour. Stores well, until Feb/March

Falstaff – a James Grieve crossed with Golden Delicious. A crunchy juicy apple that hangs on to the tree. Ready mid to late September and can be stored until Feb/March

Ergremont Russet – the classic nutty flavoured russet that eats and stores well. Ready late September.

Ashmead’s Kernel Russet – a very old type of russet, which tastes similar to pear drops on picking but when stored until Christmas it becomes mellower and is delicious with cheese and biscuits. Ready late September

Bramleys - the classic cooking apple, great for apple sauce, freezing or storing. Ready mid to late September.


Both Conference and Comice are available. Firm and crunchy when first picked becoming softer and juicy on keeping. Ready mid to late September